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Condensing Units Sample Specification

The following is a sample specification.

Provide one(1) Wilson Engineering 183NBC condensing unit. Unit shall be sized to cool all condensate and resulting flash to the legal limit of 140F. Condensate shall enter through a _________" inlet with the maximum temperature and pressure of _________psi @ _________F. It shall be capable of cooling __________gpm of hot condensate from saturation to 140F. NO FLASH STEAM shall be released to atmosphere at any time. All flash steam shall be quenched by cooling water before falling to drain. Condensing unit shall be fabricated of 3/8" carbon steel and be certified with the National Board of pressure vessels. Unit shall be constructed according to the ASME code regulations.

Any units not displaying a National Board number will not be accepted. Any units that require an outside vent will not be accepted. There should be no pressure inside the vessel at any time.

Manufacturer shall provide:

  • ASME coded National Board stamped 16" or 24" diameter carbon steel vessel.
  • ____________" inlet connection
  • Drain piping and flushing drain opening
  • Temperature regulating cooling water control package v
  • Floor mounting brackets

Acceptable manufacturer must have built this type of unit for at least 5 years. Manufacturers not able to provide detailed drawings and flow requirements will not be accepted. No outside controls shall be necessary for the proper operation of this unit.