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Blowdown Heat Recovery Sample Specification

The following is a sample specification.

Wilson CBHR designed to handle the continuous surface blowdown from __________(qty) boilers and a total connected boiler load of __________horsepower. The totla amount of surface blowdown to the flash receiver shall not exceed__________% of the total boiler load. The maximum makeup water to the boiler feedwater system will not exceed___________(#/hr or GPM).

Construction Summary

The Flash receiver shall be ASME rated for 50 psig. Internal design shall insure complete separation of the boiler blowdown effluent from the flash steam. For inspection and cleanout, a 4" X 6" hand hole will be provided. The receiver shall be mounted on an "H" bearn or HSS base and piped to the heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger shall be of the brazed plate type (optional plate/frame or shell/tube) Plates and nozzles shall be type 316 stainless steel. Optional; back flush piping shalll be provided so that the heat exchanged can be isolated from the flash vessel and flushed with cold water back to drain.

Level controll shall consist of a cast iron float and thermostatic (F&T) steam trap on the discharge of the heat exchanger. The F&T trap will continuously modulate cooled condensate to drain by maintaining the desired level in the flash vessel. Internal materials shall be 304 stainless steel with stainless steel seat and stainless steel valve.

The flash vessel, heat exchanger, and level controller shall be factory mounted and piped in a complete system prior to shipment. Unit shall be self contained; no external utility connections for electricity or instrument air are required for operation.

Calculate Your Energy Savings

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  • _________Total Boiler Load
  • _________Boiler Operating Pressure
  • _________% Continuous Surface Blowdown
  • _________%Makeup
  • _________Makeup Temperature